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Owen Wilson

Junior at University of Texas at Austin

3.0 / 4 | 100% would room with again.

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Rating: 3 / 4


The Good:

Owen and I have gone through some tough times. For starters, we lived in quite the apartment: our window cranks were broken and our landlord refused to fix them. So we staged a break in and forced the landlord to compensate us -- didn't work, but Owen and I became even closer friends.

The Bad:

Owen once had this pet snake that died and that he had given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which didn’t work. I said, ‘Well, what was the snake’s name?’ And he replied, ‘Ah, we didn’t really give it a name, we just called it baby, or snake.’ And I said, ‘Uh, well, what did you do with the snake after it died?’ And he said, ‘I have it in the freezer in the back. I’d like to take it to a taxidermist.’”
Night Owl Clean Room Loud Guests Possible No Snooze